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Our Doctor

Dr. Marjan Saba, M.D.
Dr. Saba was born and raised in Iran. She finished her medical school in Iran, and she practiced as a General Practitioner in a rural area of Iran for over 3 years and then moved to United States with her family. She went to the USC School of Medicine where she specialized in Family Medicine.

After graduating, armed with the extensive medical experience from her years of practice, she opened a state of the art family medicine facility in the heart of Inglewood. Her office is completely electronic and paperless. She uses her hands-on knowledge of Eastern medicine and blends it with modern Western medicine.

Dr. Saba utilizes these two distinct approaches to establish her own unique connection with each patient. Dr. Saba’s patient approach is very warm and caring, and she takes all of her patient’s needs very personally. She has created a warm environment with a very friendly, bilingual staff that put patients first. The entire office works as a team to help support you in your healing journey.

A Message from Our Doctor:
Welcome to Friends & Family Medical Clinic web site. I am Doctor Marjan Saba, board certified Family Medicine Specialist with more than ten years experience in the Medical Field and seven years in the current location. I have experienced practicing medicine in rural parts of Iran with almost no medical technology, and and I have also have experienced the highest level of care in the heart of Los Angeles at County General Hospital. The reason I chose Family Medicine as my specialty was because I look at the human being as a whole, not as body parts, and I wanted to be able to manage all medical needs of my patients. I have great communication skills, and I care deeply about my patients.

My office is truly like a second home and we are like family members to our patients. While you're here, you can expect to be treated with the warmth and dignity you deserve. We won't leave you waiting, we'll really listen to what you have to say, and we'll treat you like our most valued patient-because, well, you are!

Since a better-informed patient is a better patient, please take a few minutes to read through the rest of the information on this website.
Thanks for choosing Friends & Family Medical Clinic…and welcome to the family!

Marjan Saba, M.D.